CODAS Testimonials

Satisfied users agree that CODAS is the number one choice for LPG and Oil distributors.

“CODAS has streamlined our operation and our financial efficiency.”

“We’ve been a CODAS user since 1982 and we’ve grown with it because their team is progressive, thorough and always looking for better, more efficient ways of doing things. In fact I’d go so far as to say we couldn’t operate our business without it.”

Neil Pearson, Director

“CODAS cuts out the hard work and makes sure the money comes in.”

“After 10 years of running a paper system CODAS was a revelation. It has saved us thousands of hours of hard work writing meter tickets and we’ve kept on top of all the customer accounts much better. It was well worth the investment and we’ve made big savings on accountancy and VAT.”

Lisa Simpson, Director

“The back-up and support I got with CODAS was exceptional.”

“In order to meet our special requirements as a wholesaler, the CODAS team developed a complete new suite of bespoke applications. Throughout the implementation phase they never let go of our hand and we now have a single platform that manages over 500 million litres per year.”

Mark Wayne, Managing Director

“We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend CDS and CODAS for your fuel distribution business.”

“At Mitchell & Webber we know the vital role technology plays in contributing to our competitive advantage. With CDS as our technology partner and CODAS as our ERP software, we are consistently able to pursue and maintain this advantage. As a business, using CODAS, we can quickly and easily track every aspect of our performance, maximise operational efficiency and provide staff with the tools they need to deliver first class customer service.”

Robert Weedon, Director

“CODAS is a robust system with the reliability you need when running a demanding business.”

“At Northern Energy we have been using CODAS for the past 3 decades and we can safely say that it is a robust system that provides the reliability that you need when running a demanding business. As a growing Oil and LPG distributor, the wide range of CODAS functionality gives us confidence that CDS will help us achieve our goals. Finally, we can easily extract data from the system to run rich management reports allowing us to remain on the pulse of the business at all times.”

Stuart Illingworth, Director

“Rix Petroleum has used CODAS for over 20 years now, which really says it all.”

“Our use of CODAS’ capabilities has grown over the years and the breadth of its functionality has actively supported and assisted our expansion in the UK marketplace. The continual investment by CDS in CODAS, and the wealth of functionality it provides to the user, makes it the software of choice for the UK fuel distributor.”

Keith Taylor, IT Manager

“CDS are a key supply partner for WCF Fuels and have remained by our side as our business has grown.”

“We were proud to be chosen as a Beta site for future developments and our people and our business have benefitted hugely from this input and insight. We couldn’t run our tens of thousands of deliveries efficiently and effectively without the visibility of customer and vehicle information and the ease of stock reconciliation. The system is incredibly robust and intuitive to use for new recruits and comes with a dedicated team of people on hand to offer assistance and training when required.”

Jo Ritzema, Managing Director