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CODAS LoadMap2

CDS has developed an advanced new mapping solution, seamlessly embedded within Load Manager, the CODAS vehicle-scheduling tool.

CODAS LoadMap2

Launched as a family of products, all versions of this powerful, truck-specific mapping platform include the following features:

  • Easy identification of orders – including those for Cold Weather Priority customers
  • Observance of planned route access restrictions (including height, width and weight)
  • Rapid reflection of new roads; maps are automatically updated online
  • Removal of any need for locally-installed, third party mapping software
  • Selectable live traffic information overlay

All versions of LoadMap2 bring the following benefits:

  • The building and rapid visualisation of accurate, achievable route plans
  • Improved customer delivery lead times
  • Improved driver efficiency
  • Reduced vehicle mileage and emissions
  • Reduced scheduler planning time
  • Instant reflection of changed order status throughout CODAS
CODAS LoadMap2

Launching LoadMap2 as a family of products provides users with the flexibility to choose the most suitable feature set for their business:

LoadMap2Standard (available now): the ability to view orders and create/update loads on the map for sequencing by the scheduler. Orders can be added to loads singly or in groups and multiple loads can be visualised simultaneously.

LoadMap2Plus (available now): as Standard, but adding automatic, intelligent drop sequencing, per load, determined by the software in accordance with parameters pre-defined by the scheduler – for example: time windows or ‘first drop’.

LoadMap2Premium (available 2019): as Plus, but adding an algorithm-based, one-button ‘Route-All’ capability. This version of LoadMap2 allows the user to simultaneously auto-create new loads and auto-update existing ones, scheduling and sequencing outstanding orders into the most efficient schedule using all available vehicles.