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What is CODAS?

Fully integrated end to end ERP software for Oil and LPG distributors

CODAS is a suite of computer software designed to meet the full range of specialist requirements for Oil and LPG distributors, from prospecting for business, through customer & sales activities, fuelcard management, scheduling & routing, purchasing and stock control, to a full financial suite supported by a variety of mechanisms for the provision of management information. CODAS is fully integrated; data need only be entered once to be available for all subsequent processing, and financial information can be traced back to source transactions with drill-down facilities and integral analytical tools.

CODAS is modular, so you can start with the core product and then add the options which bring the most value to your business. To learn more please download our brochure *here*. For more information on some of our most recent innovations, please click on the menu items at the top of this page or the buttons from our home page.

C.D.S. Computer Design Systems Limited is the company behind CODAS; we have been developing, advancing and supporting CODAS for over 45 years.

With CODAS as your software solution, richer engagement with your customers and maximised operational efficiency lies at your fingertips. With CDS as your software partner, unparalleled commitment and comprehensive support is our guarantee.

Give us a call or send us an email to find out what CODAS can do for your business.