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Customisable Screens

As a fuel distributor, is your software solution up to the job? Can you customise user screens to better match your business processes? Have you ever wanted to arrange the layout of your Customer Record or Order Entry screens to suit your way of working? Have you ever wanted to remove a field from a screen, because you never use it?

CODAS Customisable Screens

Perhaps you’re a department manager or systems administrator and you’d like to tailor the layout of various screens based upon the role of the user or the type of customer they’re speaking to?

All of the above, and much more, is being developed within CODAS, to be launched in Winter 2018.

Customisable screens will allow users and System Administrators to do the following and more:

  • Re-arrange the locations and tab orders of fields
  • Build new tab sheets with full control of which fields appear on each tab
  • Remove fields which aren’t relevant to your business
  • Deploy created layouts to all of your users
  • Maintain control over when and how customised layouts are used

You might decide to create one layout for commercial customers, one layout for domestic customers, another layout for direct debit customers and an entirely different layout for your credit controllers. You have the power to configure the layouts in such a way that the users doing the work can see all of the required information in one place – everything they need access to and nothing they don’t.

Our new Customisable Screens capability is just part of the CODASCRM product roadmap, a programme of enhancements allowing much richer engagement with both customers and prospects. Understanding your customers’ needs means cross-selling and up-selling opportunities become much clearer – giving you the chance to win new business.

All CODASCRM features will be fully embedded within CODAS, removing the need for additional third-party software and complex dual system integrations.