CODAS-OTC On Truck Computing with GeoMessaging

CODAS-OTC provides significant vehicle utilisation benefits and dramatically reduces administrative overheads inherent in manual, paper-based systems; adoption of CODAS-OTC solutions continues to increase as more and more fuel distributors, of all sizes, realise the competitive advantages they bring.

CDS has a selection of interfaces to choose from, including options from Touchstar, Dreamtec and Emco Wheaton; across these three manufacturers, over 1400 vehicles in 17 different Oil and LPG distributors are using CODASOTC as part of fleet operations every single day.

CODAS On Truck Computing

Just a few of the operational efficiencies, process simplification and customer service enhancement benefits are shown below:

  • Vastly improved operational agility: Selecting one of our ‘real-time’ CODAS-OTC interfaces provides office-based users with up-to-the-minute, entire fleet visibility; knowing drivers’ progress around their routes and the quantities of product left-on-board allows CODAS users to make rapid and accurate time-critical decisions
  • Enhanced customer experience: Adding tickets to, and removing tickets from, loads digitally removes any worry about the quality and accuracy of paperwork and – where delivery tickets are priced – the need to send separate invoices is eliminated
  • Depot-produced paperwork becomes a thing of the past: remote vehicle operation from unmanned locations becomes much easier
  • Load reconciliation builds up in real time: loaded and delivered quantities are automatically recorded from the data returned by the OTC system, massively reducing administrative overheads
  • Digital Proof of delivery: High-quality PDF documents are automatically imported into, and stored within, CODAS


In-built CODAS functionality to advise customers of their delivery status is taken one stage further with CODASOTC. Configurable GeoFence distances allow the system to notify the next customer on the route that their delivery will be arriving shortly, eliminating uncertainty, improving the buying experience and matching technology that has become common in the broader logistics industry.

CODAS On Truck Computing