CODAS-IQO provides Oil and LPG distributors with the facility to receive orders from both existing and new customers, wherever those customers are, whatever device they are using: from their desktop, from their mobile, from their tablet.  CODAS-IQO recognises screen dimensions and orientation of the end user device and adjusts its presentation automatically to facilitate the easiest, clearest way to create an order, directly into CODAS.


Customers do not need to register before placing an order; they simply decide what they want, when they want it and CODAS-IQO presents a list of offers, determined by you.  Once the customer has selected from the offer list – primarily based on delivery windows and quantity required – the customer is taken to a payment screen linked to a payment provider such as SagePay or Realex and the completed order, with the payment details, is transmitted to CODAS.

Implementing CODAS-IQO is straightforward; simply plug the link into your existing website homepage; CDS can provide the end-to end infrastructure or you can choose to host CODAS-IQO yourself.  The screens are configurable with your own company details, colours and logos.

With GDPR and PCI-DSS compliance designed in, CODAS-IQO is always on, always ready, always responsive, always secure.

Click Here for the IQO Demo