Cold Weather Priority

What is the Cold Weather Priority Scheme?

The extract below from explains why CWP is such an important Fuel Distribution industry initiative:

“According to the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE), there are around 40,000 ‘excess winter deaths’ in the UK each year.

This term describes avoidable deaths where cold is a significant contributing factor. We also know from NICE that, of these avoidable deaths, over 80% occurred in people aged 75 and over.”

The CWP scheme was devised to easily identify those people in the UK who may be more susceptible to the dangers associated with cold conditions. At times when there is a fuel shortage or during periods of extreme cold, fuel suppliers joining the Cold Weather Priority scheme will have information, at their fingertips, which allows them to prioritise fuel delivery for customers they know might be at risk.

CDS and CODAS have been part of the CWP industry initiative from the beginning, including development of the functionality and pilot program alongside Certas Energy.

CWP functionality is available now in the current release of CODAS and is coming soon to CODAS Vantage. In both software packages, CWP is included free of any additional licensing charge.

More information on the CWP scheme can be found on the CWP website.

Please call or email CDS for information on how CWP works in CODAS.

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